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The Latest Photography Trends

In today’s era, photography is not a new thing. Since its introduction back then in the late of the eighteenth century, the field had been developed to meet the society’s standard, and more people seemed to be enchanted by its wonder. Indeed, the power to capture reality and preserve it in the form of a picture was a novelty in that era. However, with it being a novelty and limited only to the rich until the beginning of the nineteenth century, it is relieving to see that everything is the total opposite these days.

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Just like beauty and fashion with their own changing trends year after year, the same thing also applies to photography. From vintage-looking pictures to high-fashion editorials, everything is possible when it comes to predicting which direction it is going to head. Then, judging from its forever-changing nature, below are the latest trends in the field, offering another novelty of this century.

Food Photography

food photographyIt is something quite noticeable, especially if you are one of those social media users. Despite the fact that no logical explanation is presented to explain the phenomenon in a scientific way, the tendency to post food on social media is indeed increasing. From regular Instagram fans to those influencers, the new style of the art seems to take over everyone’s feeds. Then, everything follows the existing rules of social media stating that the artistic touch is something crucial to satisfy the beholders.

Discussing the field means also talking about the person behind the masterpieces. A food stylist is the one responsible for preparing, styling, and taking a photograph. Of course, the pictures taken need to undergo several editing procedures to make it look dramatic, just like how many people would like it. Thus, to create good art, one needs to inquire about the potential clients, the ingredients, and the style.

Motherhood Photography

We cannot deny that photography for newborns is on the rise. Although it is a new and fresh concept compared to decades ago, we need to admit that whoever came up with the idea of exploring motherhood has done such a fantastic job. The pictures are emotional and are able to bring the desired effects and memories to the people in front of the frame. Whether it is a maternity shot or a baby photograph, it indeed requires special skills to deliver the right message to the people. With it being the latest style, one no longer needs to feel insecure to show those stretch marks to the world.…