Factors to consider when purchasing glass bongs

With numerous advantageous as reducing exposure to smoking-related diseases like bronchitis, easy filtration, easy to clean amongst many others, use of glass bongs is significantly becoming more and more common amongst smokers. Buying a bong at first can be a very tedious and stressing process due to the available plethora of options at your disposal. Walking yourself to a glass bong shopping store is itself a problematic experience as you will be shown varieties of bongs and by the time you are through you are more confused on your best pick. Factors to consider when purchasing glass bongs includes:



Bongs, in general, can be made from glass, plastic or aluminum. Glass bongs pieces despicably look great and are easier to keep clean. They also seem more stylish. Glass bongs are very fragile, and while selecting one, it is essential to consider the material thicknesses. A good Borosilicate quality glass bong is durable and costs saving in the long run.

Brand reputation

This is the critical factor to consider especially for the starters. We have got numerous types of glass bongs and with their different features and characteristics. Acquiring a glass bong whose brand has got a reputable reputation gives you peace of mind and promotes the sense of extra added security. For excellent results, go for the very best and unquestionably by going for the best brand simply means you will achieve the best results.


Glass bongs differ in prices. When considering cost, you critically look into several aspects as is it a short term or long term investment? Is it for my personal or public use? What is my surrounding environment? For a starter, it is better to get for the low-cost one as the smoking preferences evolve with time. In a situation where the bong will mostly be used in say a violent environment, then go for the costly one with very thick glass size. For the people thinking about investment, also an expensive glass bong is appropriate for him longer business plan.


size of the glass bong

Size is quite a critical matter when discussing the glass bongs. When you acquire a glass bong which you intend to hire, then a smaller glass is appropriate. The tricky part is that a small glass bong is very fragile due to its small thickness. Size also affects the smoking experiences: a bigger glass bong has a big glass chamber thus you can quickly take much at a time. As every glass bong gives the same result, the smoking experience is what differentiates them.